New Life Ministries – Bringing LIFE to Barrenness!

Our aim and passion in this ministry is to help you to cross the line from barrenness into fruitfulness (in every area of life).  More specifically, we want to see you healed from anything preventing you from conceiving, carrying and giving birth to healthy children!

However, our ministry is not limited to couples wanting a family! We are also passionate about preaching on Jesus finished work and helping all believers to grow up in who they are in Christ so that they can discover their position and authority in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we have seen many experience healing in other areas of life besides the area of childbearing.

New Life Ministries – Bringing LIFE to Barrenness is a not-for-profit ministry so we rely on the Holy Spirit to lead people to sow into this ministry.  New Life Ministries is ‘fertile ground’ in more ways than one and I know your family will be blessed by supporting the ongoing work. – For more information visit:

If the Holy Spirit has led you to sow into this ministry, we thank you! Your gift will help us to continue the work of spreading God’s Word and helping couples like you to cross the line from barrenness to fruitfulness in every area of life.

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